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2019 Bethel Lacrosse Registration



Welcome to the 2019 Bethel Spring Lacrosse season!

 Dome practices have already started for players grades 3-8!

Please initiate player registration as soon as possible.  Register here. There are several deadlines that must be met to ensure teams are properly enrolled and uniforms are available prior to the season’s first games (early April). 

Late fees may apply if you don’t complete your player’s registration prior to the deadline of January 15, 2019 (late fees applied as of 1/31/19).

Based on player registrations from 2018, we are expecting to have boys’ and girls’ teams listed below.  Changes are possible depending on 2019 total player registrations.

Boys Grades K-2 Bantams                                           
Boys Grades 3/4 Lighting                        Girls Grades 3/4 Lightning
Boys Grades 5/6 Juniors                          Girls Grades 5/6 Juniors
Boys Grades 7/8 Seniors                          Girls Grades 7/8 Seniors


The 2019 Spring Season Registration INCLUDES 10 Pre-season sessions at the Danbury Dome (Jan / Feb / Mar) for Grades 3-8 boys and girls (lightning, juniors, seniors teams).  K-2 Bantams will schedule gym time in the municipal center closer to the April season start.  Dates and times below are for both girls and boys grades 3 thru 8.

JAN 8 (7-8PM) 
JAN 15 (7-8PM)
JAN 22 (7-8PM)
JAN 29 (7-8PM)
FEB 5 (7-8PM)
FEB 12 (7-8PM)
FEB 19 (7-8PM)
FEB 26 (7-8PM)
MAR 12 (7-8PM)
MAR 19 (7-8PM)


Practices will be scheduled weeknights April thru mid-June, with games against area programs scheduled for weekends (with some mid-week games scheduled).  Details about practices and games will be posted to each team’s info page at bethellacrosse.com once that information is available.  Team schedules are updated regularly, so once the season is underway, please visit your players team page frequently for any changes.



Grades K-2 Players - $110.00 (plus annual US Lacrosse Membership* $30.00)

Grades 3-8 Players - $210.00 (plus annual US Lacrosse Membership* $30.00)

* All lacrosse players must have an active US Lacrosse membership to participate.  Visit uslacrosse.org to join or renew your player’s membership for the 2019 season.  If your player’s USL is expired, or will expire during the season, you will be taken to the US lacrosse website to renew during the player registration process.  You will then automatically return to the Bethel lacrosse registration page to complete the process.  The $30 cost is a part of the US Lacrosse governing body, and is not connected to BYLA, but required for all active players in the sport of lacrosse.


REGISTRATION PAYMENT PLAN OPTION - with the early registration requirements BYLA recognizes the need to offer a registration payment plan.  Below are the two options available.

$210.00 full payment at time of initial player registration

A payment at time of player registration and remaining balance auto-charged on March 1st, 2019.

We recommend an intial payment of $110.00 with a remaining balance of $100.00 to be auto-charged on 3/1/19.


Should you need financial assistance, please email us at to discuss scholarship options.



**Due to some uniform color issues and vendor problems the past seasons, this year only, players who are registered by January 15, 2019, and are in grades 3-8, will be supplied a Game Day Uniform (reversible game pinnie and skirt for girls, reversible game pinnie and shorts for boys).  Bantam players will be provided with a pinnie they will use for practices and games. 


Your player must be registered for the 2019 Bethel Spring lacrosse season to be included in the new uniform ordering process.  If you sign up late – we cannot guarantee a uniform will be available for your player when games begin in early April.  If registration occurs after the January 15th player registration deadline, we will need to place a special uniform order with expedited manufacturing and delivery costs.  Those fees will be passed along to you.  Please register no later than 1/15/19 to avoid any additional costs.


We will be holding uniform fitting times during the Dome sessions on 1/8 and 1/15 for any uniform sizing questions.  All parents, please make sure your player is registered for the 2019 Spring season and you attend one of the uniform fitting dates (your player should already be attending the Dome sessions).


Boys and girls shooting shirts are optional purchases to order and are not included as part of the official uniform.


Player numbers are determined by grade and number availability so we cannot guarantee you will get your favorite number but we will do our best to fill those requests.  Existing players with 2018 uniforms will keep their existing number.


The current spirit wear store at Squadlocker is open and has a pretty quick turnaround time for purchasing items.  All items are ordered directly from the Squadlocker store and ship to you.


Rental Protective Equipment Option for New Players (
BOYS) - under age 11 as of 8-31-2018.  Limited to BYLA in stock quantities.  $50.00 rental fee.  Rental equipment is to be returned at the end of the season.

We have a limited stock of girls and boys lacrosse sticks for sale too.  Please ask a coach or BYLA rep for details.  Often times we will recommend a stick upgrade if we see it would benefit the player.


Yes, we need your help!  Most of us coaches are parents like you.  We got involved so we could be a part of our child’s development and growth as an athlete.  If you are interested in helping in anyway (even if you don’t know the game of lacrosse), that’s great!  Please let us know.  From coaches/assistant coaches, to a parent on the sideline just making sure the team is ready and paying attention, to helping with scoreboard or clock management during games.  You can help!  Stop any BYLA coach or email .

Want to be involved even more?  BYLA Board member positions become available as members transition out of the Bethel Youth Lacrosse program and into high school sports as they follow their athlete.  You can be involved in the behind the scenes to make sure the Bethel Youth Lacrosse program runs smoothly.

*Discounts on player registration costs possible, depending on involvement within the program. 


Please feel free to ask any questions about the program, registration, etc.  You can email us at or stop anyone of us at a practice, game, or event.




Bethel Youth Lacrosse Association (BYLA)

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